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Kidzville Demolition
By Evan Douglas Posted in Featured on December 6, 2012 3 Comments 2 min read
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Disclaimer: All of the photos in this update are from Kings Dominion’s Facebook page. You can check them out along with the rest of the pictures they posted, here. The goal of this post is to highlight some of the more important pictures and describe what you’re actually looking at.

The other day, Kings Dominion posted the first Planet Snoopy construction update to their Facebook page. To be honest, this really isn’t much of a construction update, but rather a demolition update. When Planet Snoopy was announced, the park stated that basically everything in the former Kidzville area will be getting renovated in some shape or form. Whether the ride is being demolished completely or if it’s just being re-themed, everything in the area will be changed.

Virginia Clipper

Virginia Clipper was located to the right of Ghoster Coaster’s (soon to be Woodstock Express’s) entrance. The attraction was a small swinging pirate ship ride manufactured by Modern Products. A picture of the ride can be found here.

Treasure Cave

This is one of the attractions I’m actually sad to see go. Treasure Cave or, as it was previously known, Yogi’s Cave was an air conditioned walk-through attraction which brought guests through a gem-filled cave. It was always a nice, relaxing thing to do after walking around the park all day. Additionally, the theming was excellent- something that has been lacking at Kings Dominion as of late. Treasure Cave is also notable because it was one of the few remaining attractions that opened with the park. A picture of Treasure Cave’s entrance can be found here.

Snoopy’s Splash Dance

Snoopy’s Splash Dance was a walk-through water play area that little kids seemed to love. Not only that, but I personally loved watching the kids run through dragging their unwilling parents behind them with big smiles on their faces. I will also miss the small corn maze that this attraction became during Halloween Haunt. A picture of Snoopy’s Splash Dance can be found here.

Jeep Tours

Jeep Tours was a slow, simple, rotating flat ride with jeeps aimed at very young children. I don’t think it will be missed.A picture of this ride can be found here.

Space Port

This was yet another rotating kiddy flat; however, as the name would imply, this one used rockets instead of jeeps. Seems to be another ride that nobody will miss.A picture of this ride can be found three images down here.

For more information about Planet Snoopy 2013 visit this post on the forums.

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  1. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT SNOOPY’S SPLASH DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved that thing. My nephew and I would wlak through it when he was little. We had so much fun getting wet. I litterally got wetter there than at the water park. Oh well, I’m sad to see it go. I also knew that Yogi’s cave was going because over the summer, the entrance was blocked. So many memories, destroyed. =(