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Final Planet Snoopy Update
By Evan Douglas Posted in Featured on March 28, 2013 0 Comments 3 min read
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It’s this time of year again! The park opens at 10:30a.m. tomorrow with the arrival of a brand new Planet Snoopy for the 2013 season. Kings Dominion posted a final update with the completed Planet Snoopy on their facebook page! The area really did turn out great and looks nice and bright! Now for the little ones to go and be the judge!

[dropcap2]Planet Snoopy[/dropcap2]

The fountain looks  I love how water “spits” out of Snoopy’s mouth and that Snoopy is laying back and relaxing.

[h2]Snoopy Hedge[/h2]

I have to say the hedge looks great! It looks like it will be a great way to make walking along the pathway interesting.

[h2]Family Care Center[/h2]

Originally this building was the lost parents building, but has been renovated to be a care center for the kids incase they get too hot and need to get out of the heat. I now am wondering where the lost kids will go now to meet up with their parents or guardian.

[h2]Linus Launcher[/h2]

The main change since the previous update is the backdrop.

[h2]Snoopy’s Space Buggies[/h2]

A few notable items is the fencing and the back drop. Looks like they are not taking any type of risk of someone entering the ride while it is in motion with the magnetic locking doors.

[h2]Woodstock Whirlybirds[/h2]

Nothing really new here, but still looks great!

[h2]Snoopy’s Junction[/h2]

The bright colors of the train station make the area pop-out a bit.

[h2]Peanuts Playhouse[/h2]

This is the first time this off-season that we were able to see the new Peanut’s Playhouse. I have to say it looks pretty good. The only thing I do not like is the plastic back wall that looks like a shower curtain.
After looking at the most recent pictures from sweetFrog it looks that they are working through the night to make sure that they can open with the park! The work seems to be paying off though!

Hopefully this is the last update that sweetFrog posts to their facebook page as it looks like there is still quite a bit of stuff to do before they open. With saying that I do not think they can open with the park tomorrow. They will have to deep clean the building, train employees if they haven’t yet, and also get inspected from the health inspector.


[dropcap2]Final Thoughts[/dropcap2]
I have to say the area looks fantastic! Also, I’m shocked that they completed the area in time. Judging by the pictures, all that is left to do is spray down the pathways. It looks like the kids will easily enjoy their visit to the park and have some new fun. I’m sure the kids will not notice that their old favorite ride(s) were taken removed!
If you are heading out to the park tomorrow or this weekend; don’t be afraid to post your thoughts on the new Planet Snoopy expansion or other changes that can be seen around the park!


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