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Haunt Construction & Other Minor Updates
By Evan Douglas Posted in Featured on September 3, 2013 0 Comments 4 min read
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The main season is coming to an end. This only means Haunt is in the shadows! All of the main season shows have been packed up and Dodgems has been closed to make preparations of Haunt! While the majority of work is done while the park is closed during the week; there is still some work that must be done in order for everything to be ready in time for opening night of Halloween Haunt! Now lets start this post with some pictures of the mazes!


Club Blood

Not much has been done with Club Blood just yet.



The big red barn is gone! CornStalkers is receiving some much needed love and care! The front has now been replaced with an old run down shack. I wonder what else has been changed?


The Doll Factory

There really isn’t anything here. The doll face that hangs on the right of the building is currently attached to a pulley and is waiting to be raised up. This makes for easy installation and it won’t scare the kids while it is still the main season.


Medieval Macabre

Medieval Macabre got a head start as Dodgem’s closed on August 1st to make sure that this maze is fully complete for when Haunt starts in 24 days!


Miners Revenge

New for 2013! Miners Revenge will be located at White Water Canyon. So far nothing has been done at the maze location, but a lot has been done behind the scenes! Check out the video below for more!

No Vacancy

A year after it’s debut and it’s already changing! I personally loved this maze last year even though it wasn’t scary at all. This year they have added a new facade near the entrance. The picture will better explain it…


Outbreak: The Evolution

This maze will be again taking place inside of the Flight of Fear queue building. As of late they have left the maze walls up during the main season. Since they haven’t taken down the walls all season; i’m sure all of the props are still inside. One of the props can be seen hanging over top of the wall next to the spaceship stairs.


Slaughter House

Nothing is visible on the outside besides of the facade, but nonetheless, it looks amazing.


Zombie High

New for 2013! Zombie High will be replacing Toxic Plaque and will be receiving a full overlay. While my pictures don’t show anything being done; there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Check out the video below. 


Overlords Resurection

The front of the park is slowly transforming… All your fear is here…

Other Props

There are a few other things that should be shown, but they don’t deserve their own section.

The park has posted a new video with a behind the scenes look at the two new mazes Miners Revenge and Zombie High! If you haven’t seen it already, make sure you take some time to watch it!

So far, the scare-zones haven’t started construction and the park hasn’t announced any other shows besides “Edge of Darkness.” But with the park now closed during the week; they have more time to work on putting everything together for Halloween Haunt. If you haven’t seen the line up just yet; be sure to check it out here.

Other News

The Crypt

The Crypt has reopened after something went wrong with one of the motors which ended up being removed. It has since been replaced and tested and was able to reopen the afternoon of September 2nd.


Intimidator 305

Nothing has changed here and is still closed. If you look at the lift hill motor area, you will notice that the housing has been taken apart and the entire lift motor and cable drum have been removed. The only thing that remains is the lift motor support and some electrical wires. Kings Dominion posted on their website and Facebook that they’re working with the manufacturer (Intamin AG) and hope to have it reopened later this fall.

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