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Intimidator 305 is Temporarily Closed
By Evan Douglas Posted in Featured on July 24, 2013 0 Comments 2 min read
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It’s been a little over two weeks since Intimidator 305 experienced major technical difficulties that stranded the silver train near the crest of the list hill the morning of July 9th. Since then, Kings Dominion has managed to pull the train over the crest of the hill into the final brakes. The park has left the silver train parked near the end of the final brakes with the red train on the storage track. I was at the park yesterday (July 23rd) and noticed that the lift hill housing has been dismantled for easier access to the motor. While all we can do is speculate which piece is broken, we can assume that the part isn’t in supply at the Intamin’s warehouses. This means that Intamin is going to have custom make this part and ship it overseas to Kings Dominion. While we aren’t exactly sure when Intimidator 305 will reopen, one of Kings Dominion’s supervisors told forum member Cartidge to wait until September before being able to ride again. These issues came at the worst possible time for Kings Dominion as summer is now starting to come to an end. Hopefully Kings Dominion can get the ride operational in time for Halloween Haunt which starts at the end of September.

Here are some pictures of the area around Intimidator 305:


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[li]Intimidator 305 has reopened. You can see more in our latest post regarding this breakdown here.[/li]

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Congo Intimidator 305

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