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Miner's Revenge Closes after One Season
By Evan Douglas Posted in Featured on November 1, 2013 0 Comments 4 min read
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Well, this come to be a  bit of a shock to me. Want to know my thoughts in a very short description? Overreaction. Simple as that.
Kings Dominion announced Monday, October 28th, that “Miner’s Revenge” will not be included in Halloween Haunts lineup the following season due to the outcry of miners being upset. According to several news articles, many miners are upset because they believe that Kings Dominion’s newest maze, Miner’s Revenge, is an insult to the thousands that have died in the underground mines across of America.
Why do they think this? Well Kings Dominion’s description of the maze is as follows:

Alone in the darkness… the only sound is the pulsing of your heart as the searing heat slowly boils you alive… It was reported to be the worst coal mine accident in the history. The families of missing miners begged for help but it was decided that a rescue was too dangerous. The miners were left entombed deep underground. Lamps at their sides and pick-axes in their hands they are searching for the men who left them to die… waiting to enact their revenge.

The miners union is saying that the statement “Alone in the darkness … the only sound is the pulsing of your heart as the searing heat slowly boils you alive…The miners were left entombed deep underground… They are searching for the men who left them to die … waiting to enact their revenge.” is an insult to their friends or family members that have been hurt or killed in a mining accident.
While these people have their rights to have their own opinion or beliefs, it is outrageous how they show them. A few members of this group decided that they felt it was necessary to bombard the Kings Dominion Facebook Page with “reviews” of the parks which really was just their thoughts on the situation that wasn’t clearly clarified. Looking around on who made these comments, it seems not many are from the state of Virginia and most likely have not ever visited the park. While this may not be true for some, it may be for the others. While I still agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there are better ways of sharing and this group showed very clearly how not to.
Here are some reviews that I would like to share:

Jane Moore: How in the world do you have the nerve to set up a maze which glorifies the deaths of our own mining workers? I understand the event is not meant about any particular event but our miners have lived and died in the mines and how dare you to use their horrors to make profit. Please close this event. It is disgusting.


Lynn Hudson: I am shocked that Kings Dominion would sink this low for a dollar. Do you really think coal miners trapped in a mine, left to die is entertainment? My husband has been a coal miner for 38 years. There is nothing entertaining about a mining tragedy. I live in Stafford and have purchased season passes for the last 30 years. But, you will never receive another penny of my money, which is coal mining money. Someone needs to lose their job for this atrocious act. It needs to be removed NOW!!!!!

The miner’s union is making false claims based on a short description of this maze and have now forced its closure. Kings Dominion avoided the battle and closed the maze forever after its final operational day on October 27th.

Here are a few news articles that are reporting this situation as well:
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