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Planet Snoopy Construction Update!
By Evan Douglas Posted in Featured on March 17, 2013 0 Comments 4 min read
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King Dominion posted a construction update for Planet Snoopy on their facebook page yesterday. From the looks of the update, four more of the new rides have been installed since the last update. Progress along the main pathway is coming together nicely and shops are starting to take shape also. The park opens in only 12 days and it looks like there is still a lot of work to do before they open.

[dropcap2]Planet Snoopy[/dropcap2]

I hope this means that we can expect a good future with the looks of the other sections of the park.

[h2]Gazebo & Fresh Market[/h2]

This is my favorite section of Planet Snoopy and it’s not even done yet! The Gazebo looks fantastic at its new location and the monorail sitting over the top of the path ties the area together nicely and makes the pathway more alive to walk through. Also if you look in the far back right you can see that a new store is being built, Snoopy’s Boutique. Also this path will hold the new fresh market which I’m guessing will have fresh produce stands along both sides of the pathway.

[h2]Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbies[/h2]

Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbies is the only attraction that I dislike in this area of the park. The facade looks like it will fade into a terrible shade of blue in the distant future and the pink already is looking pretty bad and unfinished as it stands. I just hope that the walls are not finished being painted and that side shown just so happened to not be painted.

[h2]Charlie Brown’s Wind Up[/h2]

Not much has been done here since the last update except the fence has been added around the perimeter around the ride.

[h2]Linus Launcher[/h2]

Linus Launcher is my second favorite addition to Planet Snoopy right behind the monorail. It looks like it will be a fun little ride.

[h2]Snoopy’s Space Buggies[/h2]

There isn’t too much about this ride. Moving on.

[h2]Flying Ace Ballon Race[/h2]

Flying Ace Ballon Race is another ride that the entire family can ride together. From the way that this ride looks,  the carriage will rise upwards and spin as each bucket is spinning.

[h2]Lucy’s Tugboat[/h2]

Lucy’s Tugboat seems that it will be a great ride for the kids and it also has a great location next to Woodstock Express. Speaking of Woodstock Express, it looks like they’re almost done painting it. There is only one rail that looks to be unpainted still along the final break fun.

[h2]Snoopy vs. Red Baron[/h2]

Snoopy vs. Red Baron, previously known as Red Baron, doesn’t look like it receive any significant changes from what it was last year. The only differences I can pick out are that all of the planes have been painted the same color and a top piece has been added.

[dropcap2]Other News[/dropcap2]

Dominator received a new coat of paint over the off-season!

sweetFrog posted these photos to their facebook page.

If these photos are up-to-date, then I don’t see them opening with the park on the 29th. Otherwise it looks like things are starting to take shape inside!

[h2]All Wheel Sports[/h2]
All Wheel Sports stated on their facebook page that they are beginning work on constructing the stage in the Peanuts Showplace, former home of Got Country, in the Planet Snoopy section of the park.

[dropcap2]2013 Park Map[/dropcap2]
The park just released the 2013 map on their website!

Sadly the park has not released a bigger image size and this is the best that we have. We will update the gallery once the park updates the image.

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