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2014 Park Map Released & Dining Plan Details
By Evan Douglas Posted in Featured on March 7, 2014 0 Comments 4 min read
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It’s getting to that point of the off season that everything is starting to fit into place. Rides will begin testing soon, final touches is beginning to go into place, and all the details we don’t know yet are falling into place. Earlier this morning, Kings Dominion released the 2014 park map which shows a lot of the changes we can expect to see throughout the park when Kings Dominion opens for its 2014 season. Also before we start, a big thanks to mwhinva for pointing out some of the changes that I didn’t notice at first!

International Street

Panino e Dolce will be serving up new sandwiches, cakes, pastries for 2014. Tower Pretzel, the other eatery in the same building will continue to operate as well.
Check out our last update for a look at the new “Fountain  and Floats” stand which will be serving hand dipped ice cream, malts, and more!
Starlight Gifts will be home to all of the new #KD40 merchandise from the new pin trading program all the way to items of the Singing Mushrooms and Frog!

Old Virginia

The old “Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia 3D” film will be replaced with “The Lost World 3D”  Hot thread. It will be interesting to see how this turns out with the removal of the action seats in 2012 for the dinosaurs documentary. Could we see the action seats replaced? Personally, I don’t see them returning this season, but there is hope.
This was just brought to my attention, but it seems that we could be watching this film.
“Thunder Raceway (go-karts)” has been renamed to “GrandPrix Raceway”

Safari Village

The Trails End Grill will be renamed to “The Hungry Hippo.” For those that do not know, “The Hungry Hippo” is the restaurants original name. The menu will stay the same.

Candy Apple Grove

The refreshment stand located between between Drop Tower and Victoria’s Pizza has been renamed “Apple Ida’s Funnel Cake”
Triple Spin has been renamed “Bad Apple”.
Auntie Anne’s pretzels will debut in the old confectionary corner located to the right of the Dodgem.
The Johnny’s restaurant will now be named “Dinner Bell” and will consist of the same menu.

Kings Dominion has done an extraordinary job with the newest park map drawing. This new drawing will better help guest navigation throughout the park!

Dining Plan Details

Single Meal Deal

The single meal deal is valid at select locations.
[list style=”2″]
[li]Regular size fountain drink[/li]

All Day Dining Plan (NEW)

With the all day dining plan, you can choose an entree and a side at all participating restaurants. You can use your dining plan to purchase another entree and side every 90 minutes at the same location or at another participating location of your choice.
[list style=”2″]

Participating Locations:

[list style=”2″]
[li]Border Cafe[/li]
[li]Country Kitchen[/li]
[li]Juke Box Diner[/li]
[li]Outer Hanks[/li]
[li]Theatre Snacks[/li]
[li]Victoria’s Pizza[/li]
[li]WaySide Grill[/li]

Do you have any photos of the park during its “golden years?” The park is asking for people to send in photos to so that your photo can be displayed in an in-park mosaic!
Kings Dominion is asking if you have memories at the park… if you do, they want you to create a 30 – 90 second video of you sharing your memory(s) from the past 40 years! Email your entries to to possibly be in the next #KD40 flashback video!

Stay up to date with KDFans for more information as it becomes available. Follow us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and join in on the discussion for the 40th celebration on our forums or by leaving a comment below.

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