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Dominion at Dusk & Minor Updates
By Evan Douglas Posted in Featured on May 29, 2014 0 Comments 3 min read
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Dominion at Dusk

This past weekend, Kings Dominion officially debuted their summer time event, Dominion at Dusk. This event illuminates the skies of Doswell, Va, as the sun goes down the lights turn on, a live show performs (Ignite the Night), and then fireworks blast off to end your night.
This year, the event underwent a few changes. Read below for more information.

Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular

Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular took a tremendous face lift as the strings of lights were removed from the trees  and replaced with LED’s which now sit on the ground. The result of this, is a modern look and less lights to light up the trees.

I have to be honest here, but I was disappointed with this year’s setup. I see this as a major downgrade from last year. It has a more modern look, but the presence is just not like it was. Don’t get me wrong though, it still looks great, but all potential that it had is now gone. The trees are lit from below which leaves the tree tops very dark. The lights also cannot be seen from the Eiffel Tower, which helps show how much the top of the trees were under-lit. Here are a few video clips of the lights on the KDFans Instagram account.

Ignite the Nights

This wasn’t too special or anything. It consisted of a few old dance songs (Chacha slide, Gagnam Style,ect.) and a few top hits. It was a good as far as crowd interaction goes, but nothing else. Also, for a show of this style, it was very poorly lit. Many dancers were in the dark and really couldn’t be seen at all. I was expecting a lot more lighting from this due to the style of the event, but I guess I was wrong. A few small clips from this show can be found on the KDFans Instagram account.


The fireworks were splendid and were a very nice touch at the end of the night. The fireworks shoot off behind Intimidator 305, so finding a spot to watch them is pretty easy to say the least. The fireworks shoot off at the very end of the night as the park is closing.

Minor Updates

Entrance planter

The new entrance planter received new flowers over Memorial Weekend.

Parking Lot

The left side of the parking lot was paved earlier this year, and now the right side was paved. So far, the back area has not been touched. With the park being open daily now, I do not suspect them to work on the back area, however, anything is possible.


Electronic TV menu’s have been added to the outside of various restaurants around the park (Country Kitchen, Victoria’s Pizza, ect.).

For more detailed Kings Dominion coverage, stay up to date with KDFans on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and join in on the discussion about Kings Dominion’s revamped Dominion at Dusk and some of the park’s various changes or by leaving a comment below. 

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