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February 11th #KD40 Construction Update
By Evan Douglas Posted in Featured on February 11, 2014 2 Comments 4 min read
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Kings Dominion has given us another look into the improvements that will be coming about next season. There are a lot of updates coming out of the park at the moment, but  the biggest announcement in this update is a look at the improvements to Volcano: The Blast Coaster!

New Signs

Let’s start with some of the new park logos. Yeah, not what you want to see first, but I’ll save the best for next to last.


This is the original ticket booth that came with the Carousel that Kings Dominion purchased from Roger Williams Amusement Park in Rhode Island in 1974. The ticket booth is being refurbished and will be placed in the park this season.

Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell has received a new retro-style marquee! This is not the only update this classic ride will be receiving as the park has also hinted that “other things” will be happening. During the initial announcement, they mentioned that certain rides will be getting new LED light packages. Could we see the return of its classic chaser lights?

Singing Mushrooms

We’re slowly getting close to the biggest part of the update, but here is the location where our beloved singing mushrooms and frog will be making a comeback! This will be one of the few “must see” things at the park this season!

Volcano: The Blast Coaster

Now for the big part! Over the next couple years, Kings Dominion will be renovating the Volcano mountain (or formerly known as “The Lost World”). This season, the park will be focusing on improving ride capacity. But the bigger question is how they will be doing this. We have seen in previous updates of a new addition to the outer queue structure, but couldn’t trace what exactly will be happening. The photos below lead to more questions and possible answers. Check it out!

So, with those pictures done, here are my thoughts on what’s happening. As we know, the front of the station house is where guests load and the back is where the guests unload. Judging by the location of the new stairs inside, they  removed the downwards ramp that went into the loading gates area. These new stairs lead into the former unloading area. Based on the placement of the stairs, the ‘new’ exit ramp will lead outside and into the Expedition Gear shop. Because of this, I believe the unloading station will now be a loading and unloading station. Previously, do the the limited amount of blocks, the train couldn’t dispatch until the next block is cleared, but now they can send the train in the station to a “holding block” where it waits for the track to be clear. Since that train is out of the way, another train can come in and allow guests to board instead of waiting for a clear block. Then the process repeats itself.
That is my guess as of right now and if I think of anything other possibilities, I will update my thoughts above. But take that as you will!  I’m also curious as to what everyone else thinks might be happening for this guest favorite ride. Also, I suggest reading the captions for some of the images as I break down where the new path is leading to and from.

Here is an off season picture of ‘The Crypt’ ride vehicle as it waits to be re-installed. For those that do not know, the rides are taken apart at the beginning of the off season and are cleaned, inspected, and later put back together to ensure that we are safe for that upcoming season. Also remember that these are not the only inspections that the park does, but each and every morning maintenance spends a few hours inspecting each of the individual components of a ride before the park opens each and every day to ensure they are safe to operate. Here’s a fun fact: WindSeeker takes two hours to inspect every morning!

Do you have any photos of the park during its “golden years?” The park is asking for people to send in photos to so that your photo can be displayed in an in-park mosaic!

Did you visit Kings Dominion years ago? Share some of your memories with us here!
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  1. With all the love Volcano is getting I wonder if Intamin will build a new set of trains for it as well. Last time I talked to my friend who lives close by he said the trains are riding pretty rough. They might just need a rebuild before opening day but I wouldn’t object to new ones.

    1. Hey Wesley!
      At this point in time in Volcano’s life, I’m sure Intamin is not working with Kings Dominion for maintaining it. They are still a phone call away when something does go wrong, but at this point in time all the calls such as new trains are made by Kings Dominion. Though, Intamin could suggest it to the park.
      But yes, we will find out this season if the roughness is fixed a little bit with the off-season inspection rebuild!