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Halloween Haunt Final Update
By Evan Douglas Posted in Featured on September 23, 2014 0 Comments 4 min read
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Halloween Haunt begins in just 3 days! The last minute work is currently going on as finishing touches are being applied to the mazes and the scare-zone sets are being brought in. It’s an exciting time of the year for sure!

New for 2014! VIP Dining Experience: We mentioned this last week, but the website has been updated with more options. We suggest taking a look and looking at the various menu’s that may be offered at each of the meals! 

International Street

Not a ton to see on International Street this weekend, but what has been put up can be seen below.

Planet Spooky

Planet Spooky is open Saturdays and Sundays in the Planet Snoopy section of the park. This event is catered to the kids with special activities and attractions such as a petting zoo and much more.


Halloween Haunt will bring three brand new shows this season– one of which will be seen on a old new venue located in Safari Village. Right now there isn’t much in it’s place, but maybe in the next year or so we may see more.

Skeleton Crew

New for 2014! Kings Dominion will be introducing an all new style of show to its entertainment lineup this year as well. Watch as acrobatics take the sky as they perform on this brand new stage!

Obviously this is in the very early stages of construction. Hopefully they will have the entire stage complete by time Fridays comes around!

Fright Night

New for 2014! Not a ton is known about this show at the moment but we have an official logo!


Blood Drums

Returning again this season: The very talented group known as Blood Drums!


Overlord’s Resurrection

Everyone has been wondering how the new entrance planter would effect this show. Well, they didn’t let it bother them! They ripped up all of the plants and picked up the very nice Kings Dominion logo and left it as a mulch with skeletons surroundings the overlord’s stand.


The scare-zone update is rather small this time as the vast majority of props were put in the place last week.

Feary Tales



This has been around since last week, but I missed adding it in the photo update. The skull that used to be used in Overlords Resurrection is now on top of the Old Virginia waterfall.



Final touches are being applied to the Haunt’s houses this week as everything nears completion!

Blue Ridge Bloodbath


Club Blood

Club Blood has gotten a brand new entrance facade! A lot of detail went into this structure. Better yet, the sign at the top looks like it will light up at night.



While many of the updates to this house could be seen from the Eiffel Tower last week, we can now see a few changes at the front entrance as well. The door was removed this past week allowing for a closer look inside!


 Maze of Madness

A few extra details have been added to the outside facade. It also looks like the electric chair has been added. However, this is only a guess as there is a curtain currently covering up the backside.


Slaughter House

Not a lot going on here. Just the addition of the maze sign.


Zombie High

And last but not least, Zombie High. As of right now, the school entrance facade sits behind the fence. If it’s going to be like last year, it will be moved upwards for better viewing and the school bus will be “crashed” into the tree.

That concludes our final update of Halloween Haunt 2014! Haunt begins this Friday starting at 7pm. Be sure the check out the website’s hours page for more information on when to attend Halloween Haunt. Just a friendly reminder that Halloween Haunt will not be open September 28th or November 2nd. We suggest planning accordingly.

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