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Halloween Haunt Update 1
By Evan Douglas Posted in Featured on August 24, 2014 2 Comments 2 min read
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It’s that time of year. While the park has not said a lot lately, we do know there will be one new old maze, Maze of Madness.
According to a few news outlets, Halloween Haunt will consist of 9 mazes. This means we will be losing a maze from the line up. It may be safe to assume, that part of the reason for Miner’s Revenge closure is due to last year’s “incident” with a few locals in West Virginia. Miner’s Revenge is not listed in the maze lineup.
According to the Halloween Haunt website, we will be seeing two new shows, Skeleton Crew and Eternal Jamnation: Lost Souls.
Skeleton Crew will consist of acrobatic stunts high in the sky on a brand new stage located in Safari Village.
Eternal Jamnation: Lost Souls will battle to steal your soul in the Kings Dominion Theater.

Halloween Haunt prep started a few weeks ago. The park is still in the early stages of prep, fortunately next week ends daily operation. This will give the workers more time to prepare the area without guests in the park.
Let’s start this update with CornStalkers:


It doesn’t look like much right now because the infrastructure stays in place throughout the offseason and main season. So here’s an opportunity to look at the back bone of this maze before all of the corn stalks are added.

The Doll Factory

Nothing really can be seen here. However, the creepy baby face has been in place all year and will be raised when it is time for Haunt.

Maze of Madness

Making it’s come back for the 40th celebration, Maze of Madness was removed from the park after the 2009 season. For the 2010 season, it was renamed to “The Asylum.”

I went to the park again this week and another prop has been added to the front facade. It looks like it will house an electrical chair. Before the floral clock, there was an electrical chair in its place, I suspect this is the replacement.

Slaughter House

Nothing much happening here. The facade has been brought back out.

Haunt vehicles

Again, nothing much. In case you were wondering where they kept some of the vehicles before Haunt begins.

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