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March 11th #KD40 Update
By Evan Douglas Posted in Featured on March 11, 2014 0 Comments 2 min read #KD40 Celebration Ticket Giveaway Previous 2014 Park Map Released & Dining Plan Details Next

More work has been going on inside of the park in the past 10 days as opening day is quickly approaching- 24 days to be exact. The park has released more information about what we can see this coming season.
Kings Dominion is asking if you have memories at the park… if you do, they want you to create a 30 – 90 second video of you sharing your memory(s) from the past 40 years! Email your entries to to possibly be in the next #KD40 flashback video! Please submit any entries before Friday, March 21st.

International Street

Lots of work has been going on around the front of the park. Below we see a lot of new paint as well as construction for the new Fountains and Floats restaurant as well as work on the new fountain setup!

The following pictures were taken by Shane when he visited Canada’s Wonderland this past summer. We will be seeing a similar fountain and planter setup, however, due to the Eiffel Tower not be a covered surface, we will probably not see the same types of projections used for Canada Wonderland’s night time fountain show.

Floral Clock

More work is going on to help form the new Floral Clock that will sit at the end of center street.

Rebel Yell

Kings Dominion teased that we will be seeing more than just a new sign. The former chaser lights that ran along the side of the coaster are back! Also, some people are seeing new paint- specifically red, white, and blue. Although it is hard to tell from this distance… what colors do y’all see?

We will be announcing something very exciting soon… stay tuned for more!

Do you have any photos of the park during its “golden years?” The park is asking for people to send in photos to so that your photo can be displayed in an in-park mosaic! Submissions end March 31st!

Stay up to date with KDFans for more information as it becomes available. Follow us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and join in on the discussion for the 40th celebration on our forums or by leaving a comment below.

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