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Kings Dominion Opens Delirium to the Press
By Nicole Posted in Featured, News, Previews, Reviews on March 19, 2016 One Comment 2 min read
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Today Zachary, Luke, and I were lucky enough to attend Kings Dominion’s Media Day for their new flat ride, called Delirium. In addition to getting to ride the frisbee on its maiden voyage, we also captured video and stills for y’all to enjoy before you see it in person on March 20th.
In our opinion the park did a fantastic job with both the decoration and location of Delirium. The paint colors and the queue shades are vibrant and fit perfectly with Candy Apple Grove. The location of this massive pendulum enhances the visual impact, because it rests on the small hill, where Shockwave’s station used to sit. I particularly like the view of the ride from the path between the carousel and flower clock.

As you can see in this video, the frisbee swings to a 120 degree arc angle and hangs at the top, before each rotation. True to its type, this Mondial Rides flat has some very unusual forces, and is certainly a unique experience within KD’s eclectic collection.

Before inviting all of us to try out their new thrill ride, Kings Dominion executives spoke some about Delirium and how it fits with their focus and collection. I agree with Pat that it is a great new addition to Candy Apple Grove, complimenting all of the recent additions of nostalgic touches on the area.

We hope everyone enjoyed this preview of the new ride. Check back here for some great tidbits we got from Chef Paul today, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more Kings Dominion updates throughout the season.

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