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Construction & Demolition
By Zachary Posted in Featured, News on June 15, 2018 One Comment 4 min read
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Aside from the monotonous hum of computer fans dutifully spinning away, all was quiet. Zachary slowly strolled down the line of server racks until he found it—the machine labeled KDFans. He gently pulled the server forward, and as the drawer slid out, it became clear that he was opening a time capsule. The server, itself, was still quietly performing its long-time function—presenting years of old content to visitors.

That said, thanks to the thick layer of dust covering every component, he could tell it had been longer since his last visit than he had previously believed. As he pondered his next move, Zachary, cleared a thin line through the dust on top of the power supply with his pointer finger. After a momentary pause, he knew what he had to do next…

Dramatic opener aside, yes, it has been a long time since we produced any true, long-form content for Truthfully, this has largely been due to lack of interest—articles here do far worse than their BGWFans counterparts and, frankly, we often see more engagement when we just post KDFans content to the site’s social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).

Considering the incredible popularity our BGWFans content lately and the recent overhaul of, we thought it was time to give some traditional, in-depth Kings Dominion coverage another shot. And hey, what better way to get back into the swing of things than with what has always been the basic bread and butter of BGWFans and KDFans: A good ol’ fashioned photo update!

Below you’ll find news and photos of the ongoing removal of Tornado from Soak City; a construction update on the new WinterFest warehouse; and some (bad) news about Volcano’s status alongside some interesting new photos. Enjoy!


For anyone who is out of the loop, Kings Dominion’s ProSlide Tornado 45 is being removed from Soak City, following an incident that occurred last season.

Over the off-season there were rumors stating that Kings Dominion had put the slide up for sale. If those reports were accurate, it’s pretty clear from the work ongoing right now, that the park failed to find a viable buyer. As you will see in a moment, the poor thing is being chopped to pieces.

I actually have pictures of its ongoing removal from two different days over the last week. The first set were taken on Sunday, June 10th and are included below.

The next batch of photos were captured on Wednesday, June 13th. Hopefully providing two different photo sets will give a general idea of the speed at which demolition is progressing.

WinterFest Warehouse

It’s hard to believe, but there aren’t all that many months left before Kings Dominion’s first annual WinterFest.

It’s easy to imagine preparations for this new holiday event consisting solely of new props and lights around the park. Many guests (and even enthusiasts) never pause to consider that new seasonal offerings like this also often require notable (and costly) park infrastructure improvements.

One such example is the large, new warehouse, currently being built on what is currently the back of Kings Dominion’s employee parking lot. This structure will be able to store decorations and other dedicated event items throughout the year. A map of the area in question is included below followed by a photo of the current construction progress as of Wednesday.


Anyone who has visited Kings Dominion recently is almost certainly aware that Volcano is down.

We learned earlier this month that the ride will not open in time for ACE’s Coaster Con 41 next week. In truth, that wasn’t too terribly surprising.

What was surprising, however, was learning that, within the last week or so, Kings Dominion made the decision to permanently reassign all of Volcano’s operating crew. This move almost certainly confirms that Volcano is going to be down for much longer than originally hoped.

Additionally, Joe of Busch Dominion and I spent some time wandering around Volcano this week and discovered what appear to be some new, very deliberately placed, holes in the mountain around the ride’s vertical launch. This swiss cheese-like effect is clearly visible around both the front and back of the structure—all concentrated towards the center of the attraction. I’ve included a couple images below.

Do you enjoy reading longer-form Kings Dominion content like this? Are articles like the one above something you’d like to see more of from KDFans? Let us know!

You can stay up to date with all things Kings Dominion by liking KDFans on Facebook and following us on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for reading!

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