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Tumbili Roller Coaster & Jungle X-Pedition Area Retheme Debuting Next Season at Kings Dominion
By Zachary Posted in News on August 11, 2021 0 Comments 4 min read
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This won’t be a tremendously long article because honestly, we already knew Kings Dominion was building a 4D FreeSpin on the former Crypt site. For a while now, thanks to some great detective work by ParkFans member, CoasterMac, we’ve been pretty sure of the layout too—a clone of Adventureland’s Dragon Slayer. For anyone who consistently reads our leaks over on BGWFans, you’ll know that the hardest parts of these projects to dig up and share are typically not hardware-related aspects, but instead, things like an unannounced attraction’s name, theme, story, etc. Sometimes attractions make it all the way through to their announcements without our being able to leak information on these aspects of the ride (see: Pantheon). That said, today is not one of those days.

Thanks to a very helpful source, KDFans has obtained the name, theme, concept art, and even an on-ride point of view video of Kings Dominion’s new-for-2022 4D FreeSpin. With that information in hand, we’ve even been able to work out a few details about the area overhaul we’ve been anticipating coming to Safari Village.


Kings Dominion’s 4D FreeSpin is named “Tumbili“—the Swahili word for monkey or ape. It is themed to a mythical land discovered by archaeologist Gerald Winston Whey deep in the jungles of the Amazon. This land, dubbed “X,” features temples in which humans are able to mentally link with animals. Doing so causes those humans to behave like animals. In the case of the monkey temple, upon entering, people begin to swing around the treetops—realized through the 4D FreeSpin that “swings” between the coaster’s bamboo-styled support structure.

Tumbili will feature a max height of 112 feet, a top speed of 34 miles per hour, a length of 770 feet, a slightly less than one minute total ride duration. Most of the attraction’s queue will be located on the front side of the attraction with the coaster’s maintenance building taking up residence between the coaster and Boo Blaster’s show building. An image showing the queue and station layout can be found below.

Another thing I want to point out in the attraction’s immediate vicinity is that previously-mentioned maintenance building. As you can see in the photo below, it looks exquisitely well themed—likely representing the monkey temple the coaster’s theme is based around.

What about the coaster itself? We have that uncovered, too. In the gallery below we’ve included six leaked pieces of official Tumbili concept art. It’s hard to overstate how great the paint job on this coaster is. Absolutely gorgeous!

We can do you one better still though. Below we’ve included a full, leaked Tumbili on-ride video showing the ride and a little of its surrounding area in all of their glory!

Jungle X-Pedition

Alongside Tumbili’s debut, Kings Dominion is also planning a larger retheme of the Safari Village area named “Jungle X-Pedition.” This section of the park will be themed to the larger, mythical area, “X,” where Gerald Winston Whey discovered the monkey temple. Though we’re not sure if any will be announced tomorrow, one imagines that this new Jungle X-Pedition land could feature multiple new animal-themed “temples” in the years ahead—whether they be new attractions or rethemes of existing attractions.

Beyond Tumbili, based on the images we’ve seen, it seems that, at the very least, an Outer Hanks retheming is coming. A few images of the new restaurant’s patio coverings can be found below.

We wouldn’t be terribly surprised if Avalanche were redressed and/or some restaurants and gift shops were overhauled were as part of this Jungle X-Pedition retheme, but we haven’t seen explicit evidence of anything like that thus far.

You see, I told you I’d keep that article short and sweet!

Though we weren’t invited to Kings Dominion’s 2022 announcement tomorrow, we do plan to do our best to cover it from afar! If you’re interested in our coverage, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and consider giving us a like on Facebook as well! If you enjoyed this article, please point your friends in our direction too! Your continued support really helps! ❤️

Jungle X-Pedition Project 2022 Tumbili

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