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RUMOR: Possible Haunt 2022 Lineup Leaked

Could We Have Found Haunt 2022's Attraction Lineup?

Could We Have Found Haunt 2022's Attraction Lineup?

Note: The information in this post may not be final. That said, it’s our impression that most of it is likely correct. As always, wait for an official announcement from Kings Dominion if you only want cold, hard facts. If you want to hear what we’ve uncovered though, read on.

According to preliminary documentation we’ve reviewed, Kings Dominion plans to add three notable, new attractions to this year’s Haunt event: one house, one scarezone, and one show.

The New House

Last week, ParkFans member, Jahrules, uncovered a new permit filing that seemed to confirm Kings Dominion’s Haunt would feature a new house in 2022. That building permit’s description read, “Redesign interior of Maze Building “21” new for 2022.” At the time, we all read that description as “Maze Building 21″—assuming it referred to some internal, Kings Dominion entertainment building numbering system.

New documentation that we’ve recently uncovered casts a bit of a different light on last week’s permit though. In a new listing of Haunt attractions that we’ve reviewed, this new house is referred to exclusively as “21.” This could be a placeholder or a codename, but it may be more likely that the house’s name is, actually, “21.” Given that this is Haunt’s 21st season and, due to the impacts of COVID-19, Haunt wasn’t able to properly celebrate the event’s 20th year, could this be some sort of anniversary house?

Aside from the “21,” the only other thing we think we may know about this new house is that it could be located somewhere in the vicinity of Jungle X-Pedition—likely replacing the defunct-since-2019 Lockdown in Flight of Fear’s indoor queue.

The New Scarezone

We have a lot more confidence in the rumored name and theme for the likely-new-for-2022 scarezone. Listed as “Site X” in the documentation we’ve reviewed, it appears to be Jungle X-themed and slated to inhabit new land. Expect this addition to rely heavily on the deep lore behind Jungle X-Pedition—but with a much darker twist.

The New Show

Finally, we have what appears to be a new-for-2022 Haunt show named “Convergence.” Like “Site X,” this new attraction seems likely to be steeped in Jungle X-Pedition lore and located somewhere in its vicinity. The description we have suggests that this should be a percussion-based show—possibly reminiscent of the beloved Blood Drums from previous Haunt event years. This time though, it sounds as if the cast may be attempting to summon a spirt in some way related to Jungle X-Pedition.

Could the name of the show, “Convergence,” be in some way referencing the mysterious moon phases inscribed at Flat Rock? Just some potential lore-related food for thought!

Complete Rumored Lineup

Before we go any further, I again want to warn you that the information we’ve seen is preliminary. It’s very possible that some or even all of it is incorrect.

That said, thus far, we’ve seen no evidence that any of Kings Dominion’s 2021 houses are slated for removal. Paired with the rumor that this year’s new house may actually be in a location that was vacant in 2021, it seems increasingly likely that Kings Dominion’s 2022 Haunt event could return to a slate of six houses—up from five last year. If true, this year’s house lineup should look something like this:

  1. “21” (Flight of Fear?) [NEW]
  2. Blood on the Bayou (Twisted Timbers Infield)
  3. Condemned (Action Theater)
  4. Cornstalkers (I-Street Backstage)
  5. GrimmWoods (Dinosaurs Alive)
  6. Trick or Treat (Candy Apple Arcade)

If an extra house wasn’t enough already, it also looks like this year’s rumored, new “Site X” scarezone could be a straight addition as well! There is a wrinkle in this theory though—”Site X” is rumored to be in Jungle X-Pedition, the same area of the park that housed Uprising in 2021. Well, based on what we’ve seen, Uprising is likely moving halfway across the park to Center Street for 2022. If all these rumors pan out, here’s what you could see this year:

  1. Cleaver Brothers Carnival (Candy Apple Grove)
  2. Masquerade (International Street)
  3. Pumpkin Eater (Old Virginia)
  4. “Site X” (Jungle X-Pedition) [NEW]
  5. Uprising (Center Street)

Lastly, this year’s rumored shows. We expect most of 2021’s entertainment to return for 2022 alongside the addition of “Convergence.” As mtorange noted over on ParkFans, the inclusion of “The Queen’s Ball” in the list we’ve seen is also intriguing as that was not the name of Masquerade’s main show last season. Anyway, this year’s show listing is likely to look something like this:

  1. Big Top Band (Cleaver Brothers Carnival)
  2. Black Widow Burlesque (Cleaver Brothers Carnival)
  3. Burnette the Barker (Cleaver Brothers Carnival)
  4. Convergence (Jungle X-Pedition) [NEW]
  5. Riff Raff (Candy Apple Grove)
  6. The Queen’s Ball (Masquerade) [NEW?]

If we’ve nailed this year’s lineup, what are your thoughts? Are you as excited as we are about the scope of Haunt expanding this year? What do you think this mysterious “21” house is? Let us know in the ParkFans Kings Dominion Haunt 2022 thread or on social media via Twitter and/or Facebook!

Thanks for reading and be sure to share this with all of your Haunt-loving friends!

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