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New Plans Reveal the Full Layout of Kings Dominion's Yet-To-Be-Announced Launched Wing Coaster

The Park's Long-Awaited Volcano Replacement Project is Finally Slated for a 2025 Debut

Disclaimers The following reporting is based upon actively in-development plans. Subsequent revisions could change many of the details described below. The following should be viewed as a description of what Kings Dominion is likely, currently planning to construct in 2025—not as an infallible depiction of what Kings Dominion will construct. Journalists, content creators, etc. are […]

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RUMOR: Possible Haunt 2022 Lineup Leaked

Could We Have Found Haunt 2022's Attraction Lineup?

Note: The information in this post may not be final. That said, it’s our impression that most of it is likely correct. As always, wait for an official announcement from Kings Dominion if you only want cold, hard facts. If you want to hear what we’ve uncovered though, read on. According to preliminary documentation we’ve […]

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Our Comprehensive Culinary Review of Kings Dominion's 2022 Grand Carnivale

Reviews, Ratings, and Photos of Every Dish at the Park's Annual Internationally-Inspired Special Event

As many of you know, we have conducted comprehensive reviews of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s annual Food & Wine Festival for BGWFans since 2014. Every Spring we pull together a team and spend a weekend tasting and scoring every item on the menu. But what has KDFans written about the food at Kings Dominion? Actually, a […]

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The Definitive Jungle X-Pedition Field Guide

A Deep Dive Into the Lore Behind Kings Dominion's Most Extensive Thematic Endeavor Ever

In case you’re not automatically redirected, here’s a link.

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Jungle X-Pedition Opening Day Report & Photo Update

A Deep-Dive Into the Bizarre, Troubled Debut of One of Kings Dominion's Most Exciting Projects Ever

Today, largely unbeknownst to even the park’s biggest fans ahead of time, Kings Dominion seems to have partially debuted their 2022 roller coaster addition, Tumbili, and the larger Safari Villiage retheme to Jungle X-Pedition. In this case in particular, that adverb, “partially,” is carrying a lot of weight. We had been receiving a ton of […]

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Tumbili Roller Coaster & Jungle X-Pedition Area Retheme Debuting Next Season at Kings Dominion

This won’t be a tremendously long article because honestly, we already knew Kings Dominion was building a 4D FreeSpin on the former Crypt site. For a while now, thanks to some great detective work by ParkFans member, CoasterMac, we’ve been pretty sure of the layout too—a clone of Adventureland’s Dragon Slayer. For anyone who consistently […]

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Crypt Replacement Appears Immune to the Coronavirus

Good news seems to be in rather short supply lately—and reasonably so. COVID-19 is no joke and I hope all of our readers are taking it very seriously. The best way to get back to the parks we all love so much is to flatten the curve and get this coronavirus under control as soon as […]

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Kings Dominion 2021 Roller Coaster Rumors Will Send Enthusiasts into a Spin

Kings Dominion’s last coaster, Twisted Timbers, was teased relentlessly by the park ahead of its announcement with one phrase: “Really More Coming.” I’d like to propose a similar idea for Kings Dominion’s rumored 2021 roller coaster: “Shock & Surprise.” Why? I’ll get to that in a moment. Before we go any further though, I have […]

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Former Crypt Site Marked as "Future Ride" in New Plans

Before we get to today’s new information, we should recap a bit to make sure everyone is caught up on what has been happening with Kings Dominion’s long-rumored Project 2021. Early last November we leaked an internal draft proposal depicting the layout for a possible Bolliger & Mabillard Wing coaster on the Volcano site. In […]

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Leaked Draft Reveals Possible Plans for Kings Dominion's Next Major Roller Coaster

? Musical Prelude ? Don’t call it a comeback, KDFans been here for years Rocking our peers and putting parks in fear Making plans rain down like a monsoon Listen to the minds go boom Explosion, overpowering Over the competition, we’re towering Wrecking shop, when I drop These posts that make parks call the cops It’s been […]

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