• Leaked Draft Reveals Possible Plans for Kings Dominion’s Next Major Roller Coaster 🎵 Musical Prelude 🎵 Don’t call it a comeback, KDFans been here for years Rocking our peers and putting parks in fear Making plans rain down like a monsoon Listen to the minds go boom Explosion, overpowering Over the competition, we’re towering Wrecking shop, when I drop These posts that make parks call the cops It’s been […] 0 Comments November 5, 2019
  • Construction & Demolition Aside from the monotonous hum of computer fans dutifully spinning away, all was quiet. Zachary slowly strolled down the line of server racks until he found it—the machine labeled KDFans. He gently pulled the server forward, and as the drawer slid out, it became clear that he was opening a time capsule. The server, itself, was still quietly performing its long-time function—presenting years of old content […] 0 Comments June 15, 2018
  • Hurler is Closed for 2016 What’s Going On?! As we leaked on our Facebook page the other day, the “black sheep” of Kings Dominion’s wooden roller collection, Hurler, is officially “Closed for Season.” Below we’ve included a picture showing the notice displayed beside the ride on this year’s map. Naturally, since that post, we have seen the entire spectrum of passionate […] 0 Comments March 21, 2016
  • Soak City Construction Tour Last week Kings Dominion was kind enough to grant Nicole (my co-admin), Luke (our photographer), and me (Zachary) full access to the construction site of the park’s largest area overhaul since the launch of Planet Snoopy: the complete renovation and rebranding of the park’s water park from WaterWorks to Soak City. For anyone who hasn’t […] 0 Comments April 6, 2015
  • #KD40 Trip Report & Review [iconbox title=”Guest Post By Nora Marien” icon=”info”]This trip report & review has been transferred from our forum to the front page with Nora’s permission. If you enjoy this post you can find Nora posting on the ParkFans Forum or writing for her Busch Gardens Williamsburg history site, Thanks for the fantastic trip report Nora![/iconbox] […] 0 Comments May 15, 2014
  • New Springtime Event for 2014: Spring Bloom Festival Earlier today, a new special event named “Spring Bloom” showed up on Kings Dominion’s website. The event is planned to take place in the park’s front plaza, International Street, and will feature unique dining and entertainment experiences as well as “a thousand blooms” which one can assume means there will be a large focus on […] 0 Comments February 26, 2014