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2022 Restaurant Reviews
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Comprehensive Juke Box Diner Review

Candy Apple Grove's Diner Exceeds Expectations with New Menu

For the second installment in our 2022 Kings Dominion restaurant review series, Zachary and I ventured to the opposite end of the park to try out the new offerings at Juke Box Diner. Previous iterations of this quick service eatery primarily offered burgers and shakes, in keeping with the 50s feel of that part of […]

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Comprehensive Jungle Market Eatery Review

Our Experience at Jungle X-Pedition's Newest Restaurant

In conjunction with the ongoing Jungle X-Pedition retheme, Kings Dominion and the new-ish head chef, Denis Callinan, have introduced new menus to the area restaurants. Zachary and I were both very excited and decided we should review all of the updated options. Unlike our tasting event reviews, we thought it made the most sense to […]

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